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Detailed Rules and Processú║

1. Fill in the application form for participating in the exhibition and send it by post or fax to the organizers;

2. Please remit or T/T the exhibition cost (50% down payment or full payment) to the organizer within 5 days after making the application. The balance should be paid off before Sep 24, 2014. We will write a receipt after we receive all the exhibition cost.

3. The exhibitors submitting application form after Aug 31, 2014 should pay the exhibition cost in full amount at one time.

4. Principle for allocating exhibition site: "First applying, first making payment and first making arrangement".

5. The exhibitors should fax the bank bill of payment to the organizer after remitting the full amount of the cost;

6. The exhibitors can have the ordered exhibition site reserved only after they have paid the 50% down payment within the stipulated period;

7. The organizer will send application annual to exhibitors not later than Sep 15, 2014 after receiving the application form and payments.