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Exhibition Background
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Exhibition Overview

When you roam around several elegant and unique coffee shops at large streets and small lanes in your leisure time, you are sure to feel the taste of western culture, to appreciate the warmth and romance given by coffee. Coffee is not only an ornament drink, but also a lifestyle because it is a kind of sentiment, a fashion label and it is the future of a modern trend. According to statistics, the global sales volume of coffee bean is over 8 million tons with its volume increased by around 15% annually. And the market sales volume in China is one twentieth in which Shanghai leading the nationí»s sales with 10 percentages, thus it enabled Shanghai became to be the pacemaker of coffee industry in that consumption ranked first in China. In the coming 10 years, China would become to be one of the countries which have the largest coffee sales volumes in the globe. Then, the whole industry should have more than one hundred billion RMB sales, and the coffee industry should be a rich field for investors and person who want to set up their own business.