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The Pu'er coffee Xiangpiao Huangpu River

"I believe that to the Shanghai media do tomorrow thing is to let the people know that a miracle - Pu'er is actually the coffee, and the best coffee in the world". The famous scholar Yu Buddist just starting, the guests will attend the "the Pu'er coffee night" firmly hooked. On the evening of April 2, the Huangpu River Coffee fragrance, was held in Shanghai "the Pu'er coffee night boat trips on the Huangpu River Cruises ICBC number, celebrities and news media reporters gathered in this co-tasting and promotional coffee Pu'er.

Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Vice Minister Feng Xiaomin, President of the Shanghai Women's Federation, Zhang Lili, the Yunnan provincial inspection teams inspect Commissioner Kang Guo Li, deputy director of Shanghai cooperation and exchange Sunguo Biao, Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Political Consultative Conference Vice-Chairman Zhang Zhaotian, the Yunnan provincial government offices in Shanghai, deputy director of Chenxing Bo and other leaders and Yu, Maryland, Qian Wenzhong, Zhang Sen, gold re-load and other guests attended the cruise activities.

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Pengyuan Guo and Deputy Mayor Shu Jianxin attended the event. Pengyuan Guo said in his speech, Pu'er tea are well known, "coffee capital" is the addition of a business card in Pu'er, Pu'er two drinks in the world - tea and coffee are tightly bound in together . The unique the Pu'er coffee taste, distant, deep, very consistent with good coffee taste and texture requirements, while the Pu'er coffee on the world market is still "young" still have a long way to go. As the "capital" of the coffee, Pu'er has a sense of history and mission, we only coffee growing conditions are not willing to be a coffee industry are, we will be well-known such as Nestle, Starbucks, competitive enterprises, to further extend the the Pu'er coffee industry chain, to further enhance the level of development of the coffee industry, to Pu'er coffee became a leader of the Chinese coffee industry, become a benchmark of agricultural industrialization in China's modernization, Pu'er building a national green economy test one of the pillars of the demonstration area. I hope everyone to Pu'er invest, leisure, work together to the Pu'er fight the real coffee are common experience "pretty dance Pu'er health paradise" unique realm and charm of.

Yu said in his speech, Pu'er "swept" outputs of the tongue on the most important different drinks - tea and coffee, which is an ecological miracle, a leading city in an ecological civilization construction which Pu'er. Shanghai as the first place to try coffee drinks, and Pu'er this excellent production of coffee land, the coffee has puzzled fate, I believe there will be more people of Shanghai to Pu'er to drink tea, drink Pu'er coffee, Shanghai and Pu'er relations will grow closer.

Sunguo Biao said in his speech, the Pu'er have three cards: tea, coffee, Dendrobium. Pu'er industry to create wealth with a spirit of innovation and hard work, I hope you remember the event Pu'er coffee, a good taste of Pu'er coffee.

During the event, Pengyuan Guo on behalf of the municipal government and Nestle signed a memorandum of understanding Shu Jianxin Chinese paintings also on display, to promote Pu'er coffee has laid a solid industry support and to create a strong cultural atmosphere.