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Coffee consumption in emerging countries accounted for two percent of global

Coffee consumption in emerging countries accounted for two percent of global

According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, citing Brazil, "World Wide Web" message, the emerging countries of China, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, represented by coffee consumption accounted for 20% of the global total in 2020, this proportion will reach 35% . According to the analysis, the increase in these countries, the middle class is an important factor in promoting the growth of coffee consumption.

International Coffee Organization estimates, 2020, the global coffee consumption will reach 158.9 million bags x60 kg to 173.6 million bags, an average of 166.1 million bags / year (Portuguese abbreviation OIC). In 2012, the global consumption of 142 million bags.

To 2020, the emerging countries will have 10 million people into the middle class, their income, can enjoy the quality of life of the world to improve the results, including a cup of gourmet coffee. In addition, the coffee shop in the city appeared in large numbers, came out from home, too, in the next 10 years, the growth of coffee shop will triple the growth of coffee consumption trends. Another factor to promote coffee consumption growth in emerging countries is the progress of the industrial production of instant coffee. Instant coffee industry can provide to people like to drink tea taste better coffee.

Coffee consumption growth in emerging countries, Brazil is relatively small, because the Brazilian coffee consumption is almost saturated, the per capita annual consumption of coffee up to 6 kg, higher than the United States, France, Italy and other developed countries. Brazilian coffee consumption growth slowing down, but high-quality coffee consumption will increase significantly, the Brazilian coffee industry will bring more value.