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South Korea's largest coffee brand caffebene into China

caffebene from Korea's largest coffee chain brand. Caffebene 2008 since the founding of the Republic of Korea, has in the global chain has grown to more than 800, are widely distributed in South Korea, the United States, China, the Philippines, Cambodia. The reason why caffbene stores in South Korea has the largest coffee chain, which shows the Franchise franchising has a very rich experience.

Earlier this year, the maximum coffee brand caffebene in from Korea local official to enter China, combining the strengths of the China Enterprise Investment Group have jointly established a coffee with your Management Co., Ltd., and business headquarters the kete Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing. CE Investment Group is a cross-industry, cross-regional joint-stock international companies in a number of important areas of real estate, finance, culture, tourism, community, services are involved. Has more than 60 wholly-owned subsidiaries on a global scale, and successfully created two of the world's best known brands - "Chinatown" and "Silk Street", the China Enterprise Investment Group also took a fancy the caffebene in South Korea has strong strength and endorsement star Jang Keun Suk the Korean Han Ye Seul effect, hit it off with the ROK, the two sides hope to create a better coffee business in China. April the Beijing Olympic Shop and the Wangjing Fu code store opening marks the caffebene the first step in the Chinese market, coffee with your Management Co., Ltd. in China and strive to continue caffebene brand created a miracle in Korea. The contract shop over 30, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dandong, Yanji, Shenyang, Ningbo and other places in the short term will continue to open the store in the major, medium and small cities.