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Cafes in the past five years to double the number of

 London-based professional market research firm Mintel recently released market research report said the number of cafes in China doubled in the past five years - from 15,898 in 2007 to 31,783 in 2012.
In the 3000 survey network users over the age of 20, the fifth Chinese urban consumers said they visited at least five times in the past year cafés. Consumers in the choice of cafes, the quality of the food is the primary factor, followed thereafter is the quality of the beverage.
Attract consumers into the coffee culture circle is not just food and drink. The report said that 15% of consumers are influenced by the environment and atmosphere.
Chinese tea culture and traditions, but compared to the cafe prosperity, the Chinese Teahouse development seem tepid, 2007-2012, teahouse from 48,842 to 50,984, an increase of 4%.
Mintel Asia-Pacific research director Matthew Crabbe said, the coffee chain expansion speed expansion in the late 1990s to enter the Chinese teahouse has always searched for a way out, the final consumer groups is still low expenditure in elderly tourists or traditional place to relax people, rather than young people. Cafes began selling Chinese tea, traditional teahouse is undoubtedly worse, "operating costs forced the teahouses to change strategy and market position in the high-end consumer groups, nearly half of consumers teahouse as a business conversation place."
However, market saturation, Mintel cafes in China's future growth will slow.
British "Financial Times", Costa Coffee 200 coffee chain, same-store sales growth of more than 19% in the first half decreased up to 13 weeks in late November, but still stable in the double-digit " .
According to the findings of Mintel, the total market value of the cafes and teahouses in China increased from 31.785 billion yuan in 2007 to 71.599 billion yuan in 2012. Mintel, the data is expected to grow 70% between 2012-2017, to reach 121.69 billion yuan.
Like Starbucks plans to open 1,500 stores in China in 2015, is a very aggressive plan. "Mintel said, Starbucks began to use the Chinese locally grown coffee beans, you can to reduce costs.