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The king of coffee - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Specific altitude, air humidity, rainfall, the amount of light, etc. factors contribute to the king of the famous coffee - Blue Mountain coffee. Most of the Blue Mountains 1800 meters above sea level, the unique flavor of Blue Mountain coffee and Blue Mountain geographical location and climatic conditions. Fertile volcanic soil, clean air, no pollution, year-round rain, the temperature difference between day and night, day afternoon, clouds enveloped the entire top of the hill, not only the natural shade of the coffee tree, you can also bring abundant moisture, so the Blue Mountain coffee taste The flavor is excellent.

Blue Mountain coffee to maintain the best position today, with the operating policies are inseparable. Government of Jamaica did not like most of the coffee-producing countries, in order to increase the value of the high quality of the production of large-scale cultivation of coffee, but adhere to the quality first, sacrificing the production, but also to ensure the quality, so as to effectively guarantee the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee precious and high quality.

In 1948, the world famous Jamaican Coffee Industry Board (CIB) (the highest level of national coffee institutions in the world) was formally established, the Government of Jamaica legislation "Jamaican Blue Mountain Estate Management legislation." Strict requirements for the definition of the Blue Mountains in the legislation. Ie: only grows in the area of ​​the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Coffee Industry Association, planting a height of 1524 meters (5000 feet). Factories manufacturing coffee by Regulation 5 of the certificate can be called "Blue Mountain coffee. In order to ensure the pure of Blue Mountain coffee, all exports of the Blue Mountains must comply with the above requirements, must also CIB stringent identification seriously, government-issued warrant, stamped with the official recognition allows you to identify Chapter can the following formula known as the "Blue Mountain Coffee" name finally able to export.

Jamaica two famous Blue Hills Park:
Valencia Crawford coffee plantations, planting Blue Mountains Manor. It is the mythical birthplace of the Blue Mountain coffee. Valencia Crawford Coffee Company is Jamaica's largest and most trusted coffee processing company.
Valencia Ford Premium Blue Mountain beans selected from the group consisting of Trans-island plantations of Chinese and Western regions, due to the different climate and soil conditions produce beans with lubricating mellow, slightly acidic and gentle taste and with breath-taking mood pleasant fragrance. Farming and technical skills so that the coffee tree can better growth, strict and efficient processing of each process to ensure its high quality, in accordance with the strict selection criteria, once found the coffee fruit unqualified will be directly removed. All products must pass strict certification of the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board in order to be authorized to export.

Mavis Bank
The Mavis class is Jamaica's largest and the only company products and equipment neat Blue Mountain coffee manufacturers. Mavis class is located in an ideal altitude of 5500 ft, breeds mineral-rich soil. But has not been around quiet ecological destruction around the modern conveniences. Hill total mist-covered, but still soak up the sun. Therefore, Mavis classes Manor Blue Mountain coffee, fruit growth and maturity to be slower than other estate coffee fruit. Therefore, the more full of coffee beans texture, taste more mellow, more full-bodied flavor.
Blue Mountain coffee is a perfect blend of coffee a unique taste of sour, bitter, sweet, alcohol, forming a strong seductive elegance is unmatched by other coffee. Favorite Blue Mountain Coffee claimed: "It is all good coffee on the merits of 'coffee beauty' its taste aromatic, smooth, mellow, I feel like a precious gem.