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Often drink coffee helps to reduce blood uric acid

New England Journal of Medicine published a survey, the intake of animal meat and seafood in all recipes strongest correlation with gout attacks, milk (especially low-fat milk) and yogurt not only elevated uric acid, it can reduce the risk of gout, and proper eating high-purine vegetables and animal and plant protein does not increase gout attack.
Earlier, the U.S. Department of Health and Nutrition Examination Survey showed that beer and liquor increased blood uric acid more significant than liquor, beer, red wine a slight drop in the blood uric acid, total alcohol intake is more, the higher the blood uric acid increase. This description of the types of wine, and how much influence the level of degree and the intake blood uric acid levels. To drink a certain amount of coffee helps to lower blood uric acid, drinking orange juice and other sugary drinks can cause increased blood uric acid, sugar-free drinks without fructose, serum uric acid had no effect.
Fresh vegetables are mostly low purine content. Fruit low purine content and high nutritional value, but not the more the better in patients with hyperuricemia, because the amount of fruit fructose high heat, can also become an important factor to cause gout.