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Yunnan coffee into Shenzhen supermarket

Reporters learned from Yunnan coffee plant, in early April, Yunnan coffee factory in Shenzhen Carrefour contract. April 10, the first batch of nine single product hair to Shenzhen, which the Yunnan coffee plant will cover 14 Carrefour stores in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou.

The Yunnan coffee Changfuchangchang of Xu Zhiyong sent to the Shenzhen Carrefour 9 single product, covering the 3-in-1 instant roasted coffee powder, and other products in the form of roasted coffee beans.

In 2013, Yunnan coffee plants actively planning to enter the national market, and Shenzhen is the first step to determine its national market. Xu Zhiyong, said: "The Shenzhen market, is laying the groundwork for the next step into the national market."

Up to now, the the Yunnan coffee plant coffee products is very rich, more than 110 single product.